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Hi Everyone,

Today I want to present to you my new work.

This is a really funny and interactive actual basketball game for 2 players. The target is to beat the opponent by scoring 3 balls right into the basket. First one, wins! 

The working principles are simple: the right cross axle turns the right arm, and the left cross axle turns the left arm. Also, all cross axles are moveable to both sides of the court. Both sides of the court have a little angle for heading the balls into the center after the miss, to easily pick them up again. 

1) You must pick the ball with both hands by turning the cross axles in the right way
2) Take both hands to the back holding the ball
2) Keep ready to the shootout
3) Throw the ball

- The model consists of 782 pieces (including 7 balls and 2 basketball nets)

Hope you'll like this model and help me with your support. Thank you so much for your attention!

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