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Old Mushroom House

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The Old Mushroom House

I began to build this house with no idea in mind. I picked some white bricks. Slowly it began to resemle a mushroom. I thought it was verry funny, so I began to make a door and then the roof. My father also makes lego buidings and I saw white and red tiles. Ideas where flowing through my mind. So I combinided the mushroom with the tilles. The mushroom was almost ready.
I build tilings around the old house and a couple of trees. To give it a old look, i broke the gate a bit and gave the mushroom green details. And the result is good! I'm happy and i hope it will get some votes.
Thank you for reading!

You can see here the interior of the house.

This is the back of the mushroom. It's open so you can see the interior.

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