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Classic Corn Mill


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Take a trip to the Classic Corn Mill, meet the miller and his family and accompany the path of the grain. The farmer brings his harvested grain from a farm nearby and transports it with his old tractor and trailer to the mill. After unloading it, the grain is put into the water powered threshing machine. To get the grain to the millstone, the miller is using his winch on the outside of the annex and a hand truck. By turning the head of the mill towards the wind, the big rotor blades beginn to spin faster and faster. After pouring the grain into the main grinder, farina can be filled downstairs in big flour bags to get them back to the farmer or to other storage areas.

  • Rotatable mill blades and head, also powering the main grinder
  • Rotatable water wheel, powering the corn threshing machine at the annex
  • Attachable crank to rotate mill and blade, can be removed to insure the look of the set
  • Removable walls and modules to make the details and features accessible
  • Winch for the flour bags
  • Tractor and trailer for transportation and cutting corn
  • Detailed interior and exterior 

Windmill facts:
Pieces: 2480
Height: around 40cm/ 15,75 inches
Length: around 35cm/ 13,78 inches
Width: around 16cm/ 6,3 inches

  • Tractor with removable cutting tool and tow coupling for trailer
  • Corn field with scarecrow
  • Many tools such as bench vise and flour scoop
  • Hiding spot at the annex
  • Rat hole and apple tree
  • Animals like cat and rat
  • And many more

The miller, his wife, his son and a farmer

We build this MOC with our own parts to develop different building techniques for example for the round downstairs, the angular attic, the tapered mill, the roof or the apple tree. Also the technique with different transmissions and removable modules was recreated to insure the play functions. In the end we finished up with 2480 pieces due to the many details at the interior such as the fully decorated mill and annex or the exterior with the scarecrow, corn field, tractor, flower boxes etc. To put it all together and generate these pictures we used which also helps a lot with the counting of bricks! 😉

The Classic Corn Mill is our first project for Lego ideas and we hope you like our MOC. It is inspired by one of the corn mills you could find in Legoland Billund back in the days when we were kids. The set is fully playable with many details and has a nice look for displaying it. Visually and regarding the size and its surroundings, it fits perfectly into the style of the old fishing store and the treehouse. We hope you like the project and we love to receive feedback and questions! If you want to turn the Classic Corn Mill into reality support us, we are very thankful! Keep on creating and have a nice day, cheers! 

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