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LEGO Pawn Shop


Hi LEGO lovers! 


Welcome to the LEGO Pawn Shop! I became inspired to build a pawn shop after me and my mom went to one in California and bought me a ring. You see, I have always wanted to build something that has a lot of unique pieces and that will “catch the eye.” I’ve always wanted to make people feel ecstatic and excited about new LEGO sets that I build. I built it because I love Legos and I love the fact that LEGOs let me be myself. I’ve been wanting to build something, but I didn’t know what else I could build to submit, this brought me out of the shadows… I think it would make a great LEGO set because of the unique pieces, the many Minifigures, and the amount of LEGO pieces there are. I ended up counting all the pieces after I finished, and I believe it is about ~1,000 LEGO pieces. 

Of course, you are probably waiting for a real description. Now then, this LEGO set includes 9 LEGO Minifigures, including a german shepherd, a chihuahua, and a cat. Two are brother and sister roller skating, one police officer, one cashier/owner, a couple, a mother and son, and a thief on a bicycle. The first floor is the actual shop, the roof is just a seating area.


First Floor includes:

  • 5 lava lamps on a table
  • 4 suitcases in an open box
  • A globe
  • A book shelf with 7 books and a treasure map smushed in between
  • A diving helmet
  • Two surf boards
  • Two trophies
  • Gems
  • Another world map 
  • Three magic wands (green, red, and pink)
  • A bowling ball
  • Two laptops 
  • Three different guitars
  • Microphone 
  • Saxophone 
  • A wedding band 
  • 5 wedding rings with gems
  • 4 different hats 
  • Two pots 
  • One pan
  • A volleyball 
  • A basketball
  • A pair of flippers 
  • A snowboard 
  • A bicycle 
  • A skate board 
  • Three capes
  • 4 outfits of clothing
  • 4 different cameras
  • Three coins 
  • A surveillance T.V
  • Cash register
  • Magnifying glass to determine how much a piece of gold is worth
  • A mug
  • 4 glow 1x2 smooth bricks 
  • a golden snitch trophy 

The shop also includes a door to the side of the Pawn Shop where there is a bucket with a water stud in it, a barrel with a broom, and a mailbox with the deliver side facing public, and the obtain side on the side of the shop. 

In the front of the shop there is a lamp post, a table with three chairs, a plate with a sandwich and chocolate bar on it, a thief stealing a lava lamp and a bag of money in a disguise mustache on a bike, the chihuahua and cat doing a “face off,” a police officer with his German Shepherd and handcuffs, a brother and sister (while holding a doughnut) roller skating while admiring the Pawn Shop, a surveillance camera, lights, and stickers that I made myself. 

The roof includes

  • A railing 
  • A table for two with a pie

Of course there is some criticism that I have to say. I wish that I had better colors for the roof and a tiny bit better design. 

If you’re a LEGO fan that loves to display LEGO sets, this is a perfect fit. But if you love to actually get inside and play with them, this is a perfect fit for you too! This LEGO set took me about a total of 4 hours of thinking of my design, 20 hours building it, and about 2 hours of writing the description. Please let me know if you have any criticism to share that may help me with future designs or like my product? If you want this LEGO set, or want it to be a final product, please support my Pawn Shop! 


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