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Pac-Man's Revenge!


Pellets and Power Pellet

Still not 100% happy with these yet, but it is their first draft ;)

Also added some transparent 'feet' to Pac-Man so he can stand upright without his other half...still working on those as well.


Pac-Man Refinements

Fixed some major issues with the front of Pac-Man's mouth. It is extremely difficult, because once you get it looking great from one angle, you turn in a little and go 'OH.." :)

And this is how 3D Pac-Man (both halves combined) looks now:

I will make another pass over the Ghosts, then start on the bonus stuff :)

Stay Tuned!


Pac-Man/Ghost revisions

I discovered that these were originally going to be a bit too heavy to be able to wall-hang, so I had to scale the design down a bit. However, this should leave enough pieces left over to make some minor themed objects (cherry, power pellet, etc) without pushing the project into a higher price bracket.

It has also been difficult to not only find colors close enough  to pass for the real thing, but making sure that color is made in all of the pieces needed. The Ghosts have already been through several modifications so that the instructions for each can be the same, no matter what the availability per color might be--no easy task.


Both halves of Pac-Man combined to make a 3D Pac-Man:


Combine 2 of the 'Scared' Ghost halves to make a single 3D Ghost!

* If you bought 2, you could make 3D everything!





Improvements Underway...

Thanks to everyone who has supported "Pac-Man's Revenge"!

I have begun redesigning the project, and although this new model is not yet where I want it, I think it has more functionality than the original. The hardest part with Pac-Man is hiding the black of his mouth from being visible from other angles. The last challenge here is the front-top and front-bottom. Also, the back of his head could use some more 'rounding' from certain angles.

Each hemisphere now has technic 'plugs and holes', so you can join the two halves to make a complete Pac-Man/Ghost. (obviously the ghosts will be different colors on each side, but you could always buy two sets)

I have also added technic bars to the interior, for hanging on small finishing nails.

Still much work to do, but I am on it!  :)




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