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The Animaniacs Water Tower

Come join the Warner brothers and the Warner sister Dot in this LEGO recreation of their infamous home.
The minifigures included in this set are Yakko, Wakko, Dot and the lovable security guard Ralph. The inside of the water tower includes many references to the original show and the 2020 reboot including an Emmy Award, a picture of Dr. Scratchansniff (which I think would be perfect for a picture frame on the wall), a reference to Wakkos world, and much more. The front of the tower is able to open up and the roof can be taken off. It is prefect for display and for play!

I think that Animaniacs would be a perfect fit for LEGO because of the colorful and playful aspect to it. The creativeness associated with LEGO invokes the creative originality of the show and works so well together. (one thing about this specific project is that all the faces are drawn by me and are Wakko, but that can easily be changed)

I built the set because I had a newfound interest in the show thanks to the 2020 reboot even though I don't carry much nostalgia to the original. Again I think that Animaniacs is a perfect fit for LEGO and I noticed that there are no sets that are based off of it.

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