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Sixties Caravan

I thought it would be nice if there was a Lego caravan.
So I came up with the idea of a caravan that is based on the design of caravans from the sixties.

The roof and the front window can be removed for easy access to the detailed interior. Here you find items such as a radio, a plant, a set of pans
There is a gas bottle in the drawbar box and there is a step stool.
The sofa be converted to a bed with storage underneath and all the doors are functional.
Correct working caravan support legs are important and one of the most difficult parts of the caravan. This set includes a system to extend the support legs with an included support leg crank.

The caravan is the same scale as the Icon Car collection.
The set contains around 1.700 parts.

I hope you like my idea and would love to hear if you have any ideas for me that would improve it.

For the colour of the bottom I did chose bright light orange, at the end there are renders with a different colour of the bottom (green, azure blue, red and yellow)
I also would like to hear it if you like one of these colours more than the bright light orange.

Let me know if you would buy this set of it was in the store.

Update 31-12-2023
The most important change is that the entrance door does have a rounded top now.
The last image is an entrance door with a round window, let me know if you like it more than without a round window.

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