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Adventurers of the Secret Sphinx

One of my first memories about creating something with LEGO was a stop motion movie about Johnny Thunder sneaking into the ruins of an old temple. If this project becomes a set, I really want to see kids and people creating that kind of content with it. I designed this project to be like an adventure playground, with all the elements that I consider that are necessary to create this kind of stories.

And one of these elements is a boat, Johnny Thunder and Gail Storm's old boat. I think that an old boat like this one shows really well that you're going to live an adventure. You see the wooden crates, chains, ropes, maps, and you get that feeling of "I have everything will need".

About the car, I asked myself what kind of car would Johnny Thunder drive. He could drive a truck to carry treasures, but he is a really cool hero so maybe he could drive a sport car too. So I fused both ideas and I built a sport car that feels like a truck, with big wheels and mudguards to travel through the desert, and a chest in the rear.

I also added a small town, because every adventure needs a beginning. Every time I see an adventure movie or a video game, one of the most exciting parts for me is when they're figuring out their plan, and I wanted to portray this in my project. I built a couple of vintage buildings, a small house for the professor Charles Lightning and a market, and a place to park the car.

Once you have started your quest, the other half of the map comes into play. You will have to take a small raft and cross the river, avoiding the crocodile and find the ruins of an old temple. In the ruins, you will find a chest with a scorpion sculpture and two levers. One of these levers keeps the chest closed and the other one opens it. Inside the chest, there is a staff, the key to open the sphinx.

The sphinx can be opened using the staff in the small hole in front of the door. When you pull the small plate with the hole, the door with the stairs falls and now our heroes can get into the sphinx. But the villains, Lord Sam Sinister and Baron Von Barron, have their own plan too! They can blow up part of the base of the sphinx to reveal a wall with hieroglyphics. Destroying that wall, they have now a path to the interior of the sphinx.

And the final part of this story is when the villains take the sarcophagus to the town, just to discover that the mummy is alive. The town is attacked by the army of the mummy to take her back to the sphinx. I liked the idea of not having a treasure inside the sphinx, that it was just where the mummy was resting, and she didn't care too much if they were heroes or villains, but this was just the story I created.

Well, If you've read all of this, thank you! Please support this project if you like it!

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