Product Idea |

Tech Start-Up

The Concept

Welcome to the latest tech start-up in LEGO City!

From the moment you approach our office building, you're seeing a company focused on having fun while changing the world!

We have dedicated parking for the ever-important e-scooters right out front. And along the side of our building, you'll find our two-story rock climbing wall, perfect for a midday team building session or a quick getaway from your laptop. You can also see our green roof and solar panels, as we're very focused on our carbon footprint.

Once you badge in to our first floor, just beyond reception, you'll find our fully stocked cafeteria, which is open 24/7 for you. You may notice one of our team members, who also brought his dog to work, taking a snack home with him after a full day of coding.

Up the stairs on our second floor, you'll find our game room, featuring ping-pong and air hockey tables. Here you'll see two of our teammates - one of whom is wearing a fleece vest, naturally! - enjoying a match.

Our 3rd floor is dedicated to our mission of bringing you the latest must-have technology. Our open-plan office features dual monitor stations for your laptop - feel free to bring your dog, an energy drink and anything else to help you power through an all-night hackathon. Of course, no tech start-up would be complete without a fun slide, which you can use to return to the 2nd floor for a quick game or two between product releases.

Thanks for touring our tech for our IPO coming soon!

The Build

Each floor, as well as the roof, can be removed to access the interior.


You might be this project really a missing component to the LEGO universe? Or is it a fun take on start-up culture? The answer is YES to both!  As it was coming together, I couldn't help but think about the different clichés in the tech world - free food, game rooms, hoodie-wearing programmers. But satire aside, it's also a natural addition to the LEGO streetscape...perhaps next to a coffee shop with free Wi-Fi?

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