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Elon Musk's 'Model' Rocket


"Hey Elon," said Frank the Model Rocketeer, "Like my Model Rocket? it has two stages, both with 'S' Class motors, self deploying parachutes for both,  has a Go-Pro, and can reach heights of 1500 feet!" Elon Musk turns around, and looks at the rocket for a second, then replies:

"Hold My Soda." He goes to his garage, and comes back with his model rocket.  "Hey Frank," he says, "Like my model rocket? it has three stages, all powered by solid Hydrogen, the first stage has 8 Launcelot Engines, second stage has 1 Arthur Engine, and third stage has one Gawain Engine. The first two stages land themselves, and the last one can make it into orbit, with a 4k megapikel camera that live feeds to my You-Tube channel, and also contains a tracker, so that anyone can track it with a free app that I designed, which you can get in the Play Store and App Store, and will re-enter the atmosphere after 400 orbits, with a heat shield that will ensure that it survives, and then a parachute that opens, and it will land in my backyard. Cool?" Frank stood there for a second, looking up at the giant rocket, with his mouth open. He was astounded. And if you support this project, and we get to 10,000 supporters, then you will also be astounded by the amazing rocket that Elon made. 

This project comes with:

  • Elon's Three Stage Rocket
  • Frank's Two Stage Rocket
  • A Launch Pad for each Rocket
  • Elon Musk Minifigure
  • Frank the astonished Rocketeer Minifigure
  • Flames to make your Rockets look like they're flying

Parachutes NOT included!!!!

Thanks for supporting this project.

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