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Baba Yaga’s Chicken-Legged Hut


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Ladies and Gentlemen,
Following the cookie crumbs, You have just arrived at the Baba Yaga’s house. This is not an ordinary house, but a Hut on a Chicken Leg!
In the cottage you can discover whole lot of attributes of witchcraft. Starting from the Magic Ball predicting how quickly we can collect 10k votes, to the huge cauldron in which the potion „Find The Only Brick” is brewed or infamous spinning wheel with it’s deadly spindle, poisoned apple able to put into sleep even the prettiest girl of them all.
• BabaYaga - a character based on Slavic folklore
• Hansel and Gretel - two kids, who just like you, reached the cabin
• Black Cat - an indispensable companion of every self-respecting Witch
• a whole flock of spiders - we know, Witches don't have time to clean
• someone hidden in the tank in the nooks and crannies of the attic - probably someone, who refused to vote for us.
The design and details are inspired by my drawing which you can find here :
Fell free to suport the project and share it! ... and have a cookie ... happy AFoL is full AFoL.


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