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Dexter's Laboratory


The Year is 1996

You're sat on your living room carpet, almost definitely too close to the TV, watching Cartoon Network and on comes Dexter's Laboratory! A show about a boy GENIUS and his clumsy but loveable sister Dee Dee who always foils his plans in some accidental way!

Dexter's Lab was one of the original cartoons that put Cartoon Network at the forefront of childrens Television. It has since become an iconic piece of Cartoon Network history that is still shown on streaming services.

Capturing The Colours of The Show

One of the most noticeable pieces of art style on the show was the 70's style orange, yellow and red interior that perfectly contrasted with the multiple shades of blue in the Laboratory. Using pre-existing available colours already made, I've captured this bold palette.

The Lab scenery was constantly changing, therefore I have taken creative licence and used the most recognisable pieces from the show to use as the background for this playset.

It's a Secret Lab For a Reason

In the TV show, Dexter's bookcase would slide up somehow into the ceiling, allowing him entry into his lab! I've added hinges to the bookcase to allow Dexter (And Dee Dee) to enter the Lab.

Minifigures Included:

  • Dexter
  • Dee Dee
  • Shock-Bot

It's a Blend of Nostalgia and Play

When designing a Lego set, I feel it must look aesthetically pleasing and also offer playability. The two rooms can be separated to allow you to reach other angles of Dexter's Lab and Bedroom.

This set offers classic nostalgia for those who watched it in the 90's, and the playtime for their children too!

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