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Big Cat Pack

This project is inspired by a love of big cats: lions, tigers, leopards, and jaguars. The pictures feature rainforest cats: Bengal Tiger, White Bengal Tiger, Jaguar, Black Jaguar, and Clouded Leopard. The pack comes with pieces to make each cat in a standing or reclining position.

I have also designed cats of the African Savannah (Lion, Lioness, Leopard, White Lion) and snow cats (Siberian Tiger, Amur Leopard, Snow Leopard). I will post additional pictures as interest and support grow.

The Big Cat Pack developed out of my Safari Park project (

Please comment and let me know which big cats are your favorites. Thanks for viewing and supporting the project!

Title Page: Jaguar

Above: Bengal Tiger

White Bengal Tiger

Clouded Leopard

Black Jaguar

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