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Kangaroo Fighter

It's a kangaroo machine where a minifig can hop on as a baby kangaroo to manipulate the machine.

In order to make a machine that is both cute and can manage to have a minifig inside, I tried to search for an appropriate animal that would best suit what I had in my mind.

This kit is simple, cute, fun to build, intuitive, and can move its body in a different angle.

The engine and the minifig gives steam-punk vibe, which I do believe numerous LEGO fans would be fond of.

Having a engine and baggage installed on the back of this art piece conveys that you can hope on to this machine, and can jump to anywhere! Further on to an adventure!!

Due to the limited parts, the colors and choice of bricks were limited, but I do believe that this idea can be applied to different proportion, color, and shapes.

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