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Blacktron Stinger

Hello everybody,

I guess the design for my Blacktron 'Stinger' was initiated by a 'Challenge', here on Lego Ideas.
The concept of the challenge was to build a vehicle for the 'Lego 2K drive' videogame.
I made a few submissions, but alas none were selected.
Still I thought there was some potential in one of my ideas. So I made a lot of changes, adjusted and added detail, function and colour. And this is the result you can feast your eyes on.

I'm calling it: 'Stinger', because a lot of my friends saw some kind of 'Bug-like' features in it.
I added some 'tumbler' vibes and some 'Matrix' influences which worked really well, In my opinion.

The main concept is a fast exploration vehicle with defensive capabilities. Should the terrain be too rough for the treads, there is the option of opening the doors on the sides so 2 'speeders' can disconnect and fly over obstacles to find a new route.
there is also the option of connecting both speeders, so it becomes a new vehicle.
I think this feature gives extra value to the playability.

The 'stinger' requires 2 pilots, but I also want you to meet 'Jaques'. A native specimen they befriended. They don't understand a word it's blabbering but he can be helpful. Through the years, the pilots updated his wardrope and tech, so he really is part of the team now.
Although there is no extra seat in the 'Stinger', he can teleport. (There you have it, problem solved, hèhè)

This build is just under 500 pieces.

So, it doesn't really matter what I think of my design. I would really like to hear your opinions.
And if you really, really like it. It would be so awesome to give me your support and spread the word.

Thank you so much,

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