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Elf: He's Not Santa!


This set shows one of my favorite scenes from the movie Elf, in which Buddy is obsessed with proving the guy dressed like Santa is a fake. Some of my favorite lines are in this part: "you don't smell like Santa: you smell like beef and cheese!" and "How can you live with yourself? you sit on a throne of lies!" This set includes all the details from the movie I could fit in, such as the LEGO buildings and light up peg boards Buddy makes to welcome "Santa". It also includes the shelves, the mini houses behind Santa, Buddy holding Santa's 'beard' that he pulls off, a box with wrapping paper tubes in it that Santa chases Buddy with, and  the paper snowflakes Buddy makes. I think this would make a great set because it is so well known and funny, which is the exact reason I built it.

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