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Lunar Drilling Team

I am proud to present my first creation that I dare to post here. 
This is the lunar drilling rag tag team.
I'm a fan and collector of the Space sets, I really wanted to create a new one, more childish mecha suit for my collection.
 This set is accompanied with his grey plate and with the mini drill, inspired by a machine in my work made to pull the stumps from the trees!
It is fully playable from 10 years and perfectly functional. With 300 pieces .
I much prefer to play with the real lego pieces even if I admire the creative work in the different programs.
It's already build in my collection with real piece , but after too much problems for posting all my photos i decide to recreate in , really hope can share to you the real photos after the approbation . 
My English not being perfect, I attach a translation of the Internet, I take you to excuse any mistakes.
Stay connected, and thank you for all your support! 

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