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Drive-In Cinema

Who doesn’t love those classic drive-in cinemas?


This idea is especially for movie and cinema enthusiats like me.

As there are no running drive-in cinemas in my area I thought I should build one for myself.

Of course  it was not possible form e to build a real one so I made one out of Lego.  :-)


This build has all the features a drive-in cinema needs:

  • a big screen to show the best movies,
  • a ticket-booth at the entrance,
  • a booth for popcorn and other snacks,
  • a booth for cool soft drinks and other beverages,
  • and of course toilets.
  • There are also some cars (sedans and pick-ups) in different designs to be placed wherever you want.


I hope you enjoy my idea and support it.


This set consists of about 560 parts.

It sits on a base plate of 48 by 48 studs and has a height of about 13 bricks.

This sums up to measures of about 38.4 centimeters x 38.4 centimeters x 13 centimeters (width x depth x hight).


I would really appreciate comments, tips and your support for this project.



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