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Go-Kart Garage


My son and I do go-kart racing. During the pandemic we were pretty much stuck at home. What better way to still live out passion indoors than designing our own Lego Go-Kart Garage for the Octan Racing Team.

At the center of the build is the Go-Kart. Loosely based on famous brands in Karting (Guess the frame and engine), it features all major components in stunning detail: engine complete with air filter, carburetor, radiator and exhaust, bodywork, different size rims and tyres and most importantly that tilted steering wheel.

A huge challenge was to make it as close to minifig scale as possible while maintaining good-looking proportions. We wanted the set to be very much playable so that kids would enjoy it. 

There are 3 Minifigs included: the driver, the mechanic and the very trendy team boss! The set includes a 5 different sets of helmets and visors for kids to mix and match.

Speaking of playability, we also placed loads of items in the garage to play with:

  • A kart stand which teams use to mount the kart when fiddling with it
  • A tools cabinet with a working drawer and some tools
  • Spare tyres and rims in different color
  • A trophy case 
  • A Sofa and coffee table for them relax
  • A water dispenser for them to stay hydrated

We built a prototype by brick and moved the design to Mecabricks. Finally, we rendered the build in Blender. It was was our first time designing in the computer and it was quite fun and challenging.

I hope you guys like and support our set! Keep safe and Healthy!

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