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WolfPack Hideout

Grieves, thieves, renegades. Those are the members of the WolfPack, a clandestine guild working in the shadows. No one ever sees them. No one ever found them. In centuries, their story was told from generations to generations. They became a myth, legends. Some think they are a simple fairy-tale. But they are still there, deeply into the woods. They protect, day and night their treasure, their pride. The Beast Crystal. At all costs, it will stay in their possession. No one shall put his hands on it.

This is aswell, part of my Fantasy Series. I got the idea to bring back the old themes, but with my touch. More mystery, more action. They have their own story. Children can create of epic tales and fall into the imaginary kingdom. Also, older fans can just put it on their shelves, or use it in different ways.

This product is unique, not based on specific sets, just themes. The detail is the main objective in all of my creations. Including this one. 

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