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Grandmother's House (Little Red Ridding Hood)

This is a set for the Mythic Fantasy World Series that I am proposing.
This set is from Little Red Ridding Hood, and is of Grandmother's Cottage. It comes with Little Red, Grandmother, the Huntsman and a Wolf figure.

I think This set would cost around $20

Please note that the roof should be all brown (I wanted it dark blue, but I couldn't find and bricks for it, so I made it brown). Also, the back of grandmother's bed should be brown as well, Lego just doesn't make those piece in brown. Also, Grandmother's hair should be gray and her head should be normal Lego yellow. Ideally, the wolf's head would be like the old style wolf head from the old Lego studios werewolf attacks. I have used the new werewolf head in the pictures.

Here's a detailed loo at grandmother's bed. Yes she comes in and out of it! very easy to build too. As I said above, the headboard should be all brown.

Full version of the picture (it is cropped badly on this page):
Full picture

The roof in this picture is the wrong color, but it shows the front of the house, and all the minifigs (and the interior furniture)
full picture can be found here:
Full picture

Here's a close up of the wolf next to grandmother in bed.

The cottage without the wrong color bricks on it.
Here's other early pictures from this set:
Front of the house
inside of the house - full shown
Full project picture
Grandmother next to her bed
Grandmother next to her bed's underside
Grandmother in bed from behind
House from above
Wolf as grandmother in bed

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