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Universal Vehicle Controls


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Become a heavy-duty operator and control all your LEGO Technic machinery with the Universal Vehicle Controls.

Regardless if it’s a giant Liebherr Excavator, a powerful Volvo dumper or a strong Caterpillar Bulldozer, they all can be operated with the Universal Vehicle Controls. The two joysticks allow you to control all functions in a realistic way, very similar to how a real machine is controlled. Because your hand and finger have the direct feedback of the controls, your attention and eyes can be on the machine, rather than on the mobile phone.
The Universal Vehicle Controls allow you to control any LEGO Control+ model, independent, if it is a LEGO set or your own creation.

Both joysticks give a proportional signal to the motors. This means, that the controlled motors can move anything from very slow to very fast. Exactly the way you drive it! This allows very precise and yet fast movements of your machine.

Examples of controlled models can be found on this Youtube-Channel.

Let’s change the way, how mankind operates LEGO Technic models! Vote for this project!

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