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Mega Man X - 30th Anniversary


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30 years ago, on December 17 1993, Capcom released Mega Man X for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Mega Man X introduced players to the world of 21XX, a century after the original Mega Man series made popular by the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) where X, the world's first independently-thinking robot and his mentor Zero, must battle against the rebellion led by the evil Sigma and eight maverick bosses.

In the original Mega Man X platformer game, X starts out with subpar health and fighting ability. He couldn't even defeat the powerful Vile without Zero to interfere. But unlike the classic Mega Man series, in Mega Man X, you can collect Heart Tanks to extend X's health and Sub Tanks to store backup health energy. You also find capsules where a hologram of Dr Light (creator of X and Mega Man before him), can grant him four different armor upgrades, plus a secret capsule that grants X the Hadouken fireball from Capcom's Street Fighter series. The game bonds the player with X, as he goes from unable to defeat a boss in the beginning stage to becoming a powerhouse after the player's hunt for power-ups, hoping to someday become as powerful as Zero.

In this submission, X and Zero are immortalized as LEGO action figures in 1:12 scale with authentic articulated joints and many fun accessories from the game series. X has his X-Buster with normal and charged shot effects, and all of his armor upgrades (head, body, arm, and foot) with the super charge shot effect, as well as four changeable facial expressions (normal, angry, shouting, and smiling) for normal X and for his upgraded helmet. Zero has his Z-Buster with the same shot effects as X, and parts to swap his armor to the lightsaber-wielding Zero in Mega Man X2 and onward with his X3 Z-Buster and Z-Saber, as well as four changeable facial expressions (same as X). Both X and Zero also have posing stands and plaques with famous in-game quotes on them, plus a plate with a Heart Tank, Sub Tank, and 1-Up. There's even a Dr. Light Capsule for X to stand in!

The figures take inspiration from Japanese model kit figures of X and Zero, and the armor-swapping ability works in similar fashion to the Bandai Mega Armor kits in the mid-1990s. But being LEGO, you can build any armor upgrades or weapons you can imagine to power-up X and Zero in your own creative style!

This may be my first LEGO Ideas submission, but I hope with enough support it gets some nice traction, so be sure to share it with friends, family, and other diehard fans of Mega Man and gaming!

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