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Guard Tower


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Medieval Market Town - Guard Tower


   The peaceful life of the market town must be kept, and so the brave soldiers guard the lives of the inhabitants with their own. At the first sign of an enemy they rush up the old wooden steps to light the beacon and warn both the town and the castle above! Help them to keep the peace, and aid the castle's finest architect in rebuilding the ruins of the old lookout tower.

   This is my first installation to a medieval market town I'm hoping to create. It will feature things like a smithy, a stable, a bakers, a market square etc... This can be bought just as a single model or you can collect as many of the buildings as possible to make a lively and colourful medieval town!


   Minifigures: An archer, a spearman, a peasant woman, an architect and a dog.

   Beacon Tower


   Old Ruin

   Table and Chairs


   Treasure Chest




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