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Construction Mech


About This Project

This project is a mech that is designed for construction or demolition. It holds one minifigure in the cockpit. The cockpit is armored for protection but has a windshield so the pilot can easily see what he or she is doing. It has good articulation in the arms and legs and the waist can spin 360 degrees. One hand is the hand for holding the many tools the mech is capable of using. The other hand is more of a claw hand for grabbing bricks or larger objects that the smaller hand cannot. The feet have shovels on the front which the mech can use for bulldozing. So far I have made two tools for the mech. One is a wrecking ball mace for demolition. The second is a steamroller tool. I plan on making more soon.

Play Features:

  • Holds one minifigure.
  • Has good articulation in the arms and legs.
  • The waist can spin 360 degrees.
  • Hands can hold many different things from bricks to the tools designed for it.


  • One minifigure.
  • Two tools for the mech. The wrecking ball mace and the steamroller tool.

This is a mech designed to go with my construction crawler set. I think they make a good team. If you like this project please support and share thank you for your time and support.

Thank you for your support.


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