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Mercedes Benz CLK


Dear Lego fans,


I have a new model for you and in this model is it is a personal matter, I also privately for years driving this car and it has brought me through good, but also bad times.

I love this car.

And I hope you like it quite well.

At the car to open everything and move, for example, open the doors, just as the hood and trunk. In the trunk, a flap is under a spare tire is. Of course you can also open it.

The interior is also equipped with all sorts of gimmicks.

For example, you can fold down the split rear seat.

Both sides can be folded down separately for itself, as the armrest.

The driver's seat and front passenger seat can be forward and backward slide, fold well, so that people come back better pure.

The headrests can be folded as the orginal backwards and first aid can also be opened suitcase.

There are more gadgets that can move.

Enjoy seeking :-)

I hope the model like it like my other and you vote for it or send me some nice comments.

Tell me what you like or what is not.


Thank you all.

your Baybee84

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