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City Parking Garage


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City Parking Garage

Is your city growing bigger and faster than ever before? Do you have the complete 14 modular collection and other city sets, filling your city with minfigures and vehicles? Are you lacking space for all of those vehicles to park?! If so, look no further! Today you are presented with the modular City Parking Garage! This parking garage is four stories high across two 32x32 baseplates and includes eight parking spots. There are two minifigures included (but not pictured): a parking attendant and a secuirty guard. The parking spots are perfect for all of those high performance Speed Champions cars you've collected and have no where to park them! Or park all of your classics inside without having to worry!

The garage height is ~11in.

There are two versions: one with a ramp (pictured) and one with an elevator (which allows for more parking spaces but it's still a work in progress).

The current pictured version contains 2707 pieces. The piece count could potentially be reduced to 2205 with larger pieces (such as 2x4 tiles vs 2x2).  The piece count could be reduced further with less tiles all together, making it an even more affordable set.

Some may say that the lack of minifigures or other playable features (such as including a vehicle) makes this a dull set but just like there are "accessory" or "supplemental" sets, this two would fall in that category.  There are so many sets with cars but no real place to put them!  With a city garage (or two), you now have a place to park all those awesome cars!


  • Four story/level parking garage
  • Eight color-coded parking spaces
  • Two minifigures
  • 2707 pieces

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