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Knights in Training Game


This is a game I thought up while messing around on LDD. I made all the rules by myself and built it by myself. Here are the rules.

Knight training- 2-4 players.

  1. Roll the die to move.
  2. Dark red spaces are danger spaces, roll to see if you get sent back to start, 1-3, go back to start, 4-6, stay put.
  3. White spaces are teleporters, roll colored die to see which sector to teleport too, roll a dark red go back to start.
  4. Land on the dark green squares to collect your player’s pieces.
  5. If you land on a dark red spot and lose all the pieces that player has collected.
  6. If two players from different teams collide they have to fight, roll the colored die three times each, whoever rolls their colors the most send the other player back to start.


Winning- Have all your players collect their pieces and go back to their starting point.


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