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Lotus Tree

What is it: This is a fully articulated lotus with a tree in the middle.

Why did I build it: I built this because after seeing the Dreamlings in the LEGO DreamZzz sets I let my brain wonder. After hours of thinking I came up with the thought of a lotus flower with a fae-like garden in the middle. The tree was added because I see a lot of fae doors and scenes on trees in my neighborhood. The gold and yellow, colors were chosen to resemble nectar or pollen since that's usually what's in the middle of a flower. White was chosen for the lotus to resemble clouds like this a beautiful oasis floating in the clouds or the water with the reflection of clouds as its backdrop. Originally the Flower had an additional petal ring around the base, but was removed because of the 3,000 piece count limit, this sits at 2,260 pieces. Because of my Fae idea, I was thinking that this set could come with one or two Dreamling-like figures (possibly made in nougat, tan, or various shades of brown) that have the fairy wing minifigure accessory, which would only bring the piece count up by 5 pieces per figure if they each have two accessories and wings. I added a picture of three Dreamlings to show what these characters are since they are part of a new series (at this time).

Details: Some details are hard to notice so I will point them out. There is a path to the front door with a mailbox to the right (yes, even Fae get mail, it's extra slow because they travel on snails, maybe I should make that next). To the left is a lamp, this set uses luminescent pieces, to give it more of a magical fae look and vibe. Would be ok if the luminescents were changed to glow-in-the-dark pieces too (if need be). in the back left there is a bucket to be a water well with a cap on it and a spout in front of the bucket (Fae has to get water somehow). There's a window above the well, looks dark so they must be out or sleeping. To the left of the water well are various little trees and mushrooms. There is also a little chimney with some smoke coming out of the tree, must be close to autumn, the magic of the fae might be keeping the tree's leaves on. and to the left of the chimney is a pond with a few koi swimming around and a frog on a small lily pad. We are now back at the door of the Fae home. Above the tree are lots of critters; a few bugs, butterflies, squirrels, and a bird in a nest. Many call this lotus home.

Why I think it'll make a great Lego set: I think it'll make a great LEGO set because Fae and Gnome homes are a generational trend and have been for decades, especially among creatives and children (of all genders). Plus the flower sets have been doing well.

Thank You!
I might make similar fae-inspired builds in the future if this one does well or I get a boost of inspiration.
Thank you for your consideration, and if you want to see this become a set (or would like to see more like this) then become a supporter (it's a good way to let LEGO and I know that there is a demand for creations like this). Feel free to share this to groups or among your friends, the more supporters the closer it is to becoming a Lego Ideas set.


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