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Elephants and Their Calves

Elephants are among the most magnificent and awe-inspiring creatures on Earth. Their enormous bodies, long trunks, and gentle eyes make them unforgettable. Yet beneath their tough exteriors, elephants possess hearts that are gentle yet resilient, especially mother elephants, whose maternal love is particularly moving.
The maternal love of elephants is one of the warmest in the world. When a mother elephant is pregnant, she cares for her fetus with all her heart, ensuring its healthy growth in the womb. After the baby elephant is born, the mother elephant uses her sturdy body to protect the tiny life, while at the same time comforting them with her warm trunk, offering them love and solace.
Motherly love is not only evident in the care of baby elephants but also in the process of educating and guiding them as they grow. Mother elephants use their actions to teach their young ones how to find food, interact with companions, and handle dangers. They patiently instruct their offspring, enabling them to learn survival skills in nature. This form of maternal education is not just a transmission of knowledge but also a form of emotional communication.
I depicted the figures of elephants and their offspring using white building blocks, contrasting them against a black background, creating an artistic atmosphere. The addition of a red tree symbolizes the power and growth of life, while a touch of yellow pieces in the blue lake enhances the visual effect, utilizing the primary colors to make the picture more captivating. Through this surreal style, I aimed to convey the warmth of elephants living with their young ones.

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