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Windmill Wharf


This windmill on the LEGO canal has its’ own wharf for narrow boats. The mill still has its’ blades but now the millstones on the 1st floor are driven by an electric motor. The milled corn goes through a chute into either a sack or a barrel on the ground floor where you can see filled sacks and barrels awaiting shipping to the bakeries. There is also a crate of maize/corn waiting to be milled. The mill is also topped by a weather vane.

Two working canal narrow boats/barges are at the wharf. One is just finishing loading with full barrels and the other is just arriving with a fresh cargo of maize/corn for milling. The working boats have a small kitchen area and a fold down table which can convert to a bed if needed.

A third narrow boat is a pleasure boat on a canal waterway holiday. This boat is waiting for members of its’ crew, and their pet dog, to finish opening the canal lock ahead of it. This boat has a fold down bed and table alongside a full bathroom with shower and a larger kitchen area.

Around the windmill is a picnic area where tourists can enjoy the scenery while having lunch. Pleasure boats can also dock at the wharf when there are no working boats. One tourist is fishing from a small landing but it seems he may be looking in the wrong place to judge by the fish that has just jumped out of the water.

At the side of the windmill three chickens have just escaped from a local farm and are coming to see what food they can get around the picnic tables.

The canal bridge is a typical shape for narrow working canals and has a close passage for the boats so that boats could be either ‘walked’ through by the bargemen or pulled along a narrow ledge by horses in previous times when the boats were not motorised.

Modular Design

The three narrow boats and the mill are all modular to increase playability. The basic structure of the three narrow boats is similar but with different colours and finishing. Narrow boats are well known for being very brightly coloured.


– the model is on two 48x48 bases and there are 16 minifigs, 1 dog, 1 fish and three chickens. There are 1550 bricks.

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