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Set of Vases and Display/Box

Thank you for your interest in my build.

Set of vases and display/box

Lego made several beautiful sets of flowers, witch I all have in my house.
The only problem was that I had no vases to put them in.
So I made the vases myself, with transparent and black bricks.
Now I want to share this idea.
It would be a great set as a gift too.

For this set I made two vases and a display/box.
I used only transparent and black bricks and plates.
There are no special bricks used.

The box can be used as a box and a display, to show your beautiful creations.
The lid would fit exactly on the box if you leave the transparent bricks away.

Display/box: 784 pieces
Small tall vase: 371 pieces
Larger vase: 514 pieces
Total in this set: 1669 pieces

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