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Mecha Godzilla


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This is my Mecha Godzilla Lego Ideas project, loosely based on the Toho film from 1974 and the sequels. Mecha Godzilla was originally a robot sent from space to destroy Godzilla, in the sequels Mecha Godzilla was a man made creation to project Japan from Godzilla himself.

The main objective was to make a finished model that looked good as a display model and also had play features that younger Lego builders would enjoy too. The main colour scheme was dark grey with as many silver grey pieces to compliment the overall appearance. I also wanted the model to be fully pose-able so that meant articulated arms and legs as well as move-able head and tail. The mouth opens and closes and the claws on the right arm unit can be  moved in and out to grasp minifigures if so desired.

The main body is made up of many sloped and inverted sloped pieces to give the Mecha Godzilla a sturdy base to hold the heavy arms and leg pieces. The back had seven spikes to give the Mecha Godzilla a similar appearance to the "real Godzilla". 

The drill arm on the left was a design decision to give the model an asymmetric appearance and another functional feature younger builders would like. Both legs are the same design with three pose-able claws, they can be adjusted to change the height and angle of the model so they are hinged at the ankle and hip.

The tail can swing left to right and has the smaller ball joints for the second half of the tail which has a small spike on the end. The head is on a ball joint to make it more maneuverable and the mouth opens with two larger spikes on either side for teeth. I used a small chain under the chin for extra detailing. 

Finally, I added mechanical pieces like the rotating buzz saws on the top of his legs, a belly engine with moving propeller and small hinged wing pieces on the legs that can be opened when Mecha Godzilla "flies". On the soles of his feet are inverted flat tile pieces with jet engine exhausts printed on them. On the sides of the body I used silvered twin engine exhaust pieces to finish the body details. 


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