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Space Hitchhikers

Space tourism has started! Sometimes you just want to get off your own planet for a while. If you're on a budget, or would like to meet some nice strangers, put on your coolest spacesuit and wait for a flashy overpowered spaceship to get you somewhere.
Of course there's coffee and cookies on board to stay awake and gaze at the stars flashing by, looking for a beautiful planet to discover while taking a secured break on the asteroid that is included.
The landing gear is retractable, and the doors open. Two people will fit inside the spacecraft.
There's a little Classic Space and Blacktron vibe, the best of both worlds.
I believe it's a build that's very different from the Classic Spacecraft from four decades ago, and the space tourism element makes it a contemporary subject, with inclusive tourists. It was submitted for the Space contest earlier, but didn't get much attention, so I thought I'll give it a go again.
Thanks for your interest so far, and I'd be happy to hear what you think of it.
The total number of pieces is 248.
Higher resolution pictures are on degu74 | Flickr

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