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Kung Fu Panda: Po vs. Tai Lung

Battle Tai Lung and save the valley with Po! Kung Fu Panda is a childhood favorite of mine, and I tried to bring all the nostalgia to life with this project.

The fully posable Po action figure (played by Jack Black) features a bouncy belly — see it in action in this video:

Tai Lung, the original and (in my opinion) best Kung Fu Panda villain features his iconic mustache and pants.

Po and Tai Lung are capable of a wide range of kung fu action poses, and Po can even do the Wuxi Finger Hold on Tai Lung. I tried to capture Po’s round panda bear physique and expression, while still having a wide range of motion. With Tai Lung, I used light grey, dark grey and dark tan to capture his snow leopard spots.

This project also includes the Dragon Scroll for Po and Tai Lung to battle over, as well as a bowl of noodles. 

Hope you enjoy. Skadoosh!

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