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Cornerside Coffee Modular Building

Designed in the style of the Creator Expert modular building series, Cornerside Coffee is the one-stop shop for minifigures who love both books and caffeine! The ground floor opens to StarBricks Coffee, which is not only a relaxing space to sip lattes but also to play ping pong, both in a spacious environment shaded by a decorative indoor tree. The adjacent bookstore is home to a more quaint and also mysterious atmosphere with a comfy second floor overlooking the cafe. It's stocked with bookshelves and has plenty of seats to sit down and read a book, but there seems to be a mysterious crystal ball in the corner, and there may be an oddly happy ghost lurking between the spines! If the indoors get too stuffy, the outdoor seating area is brightly lit by the sun by day and the toasty fireplace by night. The third floor hosts an expansive apartment, stocked with a kitchenette featuring a microwave and coffee maker, a bathroom with a washing machine and bathtub, and a living space with a couch and workdesk. The balcony has space to tend to flowers and leads to the rooftop, where minifigures may either view the streets below or take a dip in the hot tub (another favorite haunt of the library ghost)!

The original inspiration for this build came from a simple blocky cafe I built eight years ago. Liking the design of building on a corner, I started the base model for this current design two years ago, only to pause and then complete it all within this past week! Buildings, especially large modular-style buildings, are probably my favorite thing to design in Lego, and I finally had enough experience and variety of pieces available to commit to building one. Lego builders would love piecing this set together, with all the architectural quirks like how the floors fit together, as well as the fun details such as coffee mugs and toilet paper (2020 anyone???). This design would also fit nicely among Lego's other modular buildings (the sidewalks should line up nicely!), and perhaps if it were edited to be unique to Lego Ideas it still would be the coffee shop your city needs!

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