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KVX2 Speedster

 The KXV2 Speedster is the third major spaceship produced by Kodiak. Although Similar in size to the XY1300 Spacecruiser, the Speedster is more lightly armed. It Still has the WX800 particle cannons, but it replaces the smaller guns with a KV58 missile launcher. The KVX2 replaces the LV20's firepower for a superior speed even to the XY1300. Able to reach 40,000 Mph (63,373 Kph) it is the fastest ship up to date. The KVX2 can be used in both interplanetary travel and deep space exploration. I think that this is a good idea for a Lego set because it is modular with all the other Kodiak Ideas, and it could be a “Collect Them All” series. (All Kodiak set are based of of the XY1300 Spacecruiser, so they have a similar base.)

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