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Winter Village Train - Café Car Expansion Set


The Café Car Expansion Set

Baby, its cold out there.  But Santa's best trained baristas, Starry & Buckminster, are ready to help warm you up by offering hot cider, hot chocolate, custom coffee drinks, and a nice eggnog.

Note: A custom graphic "menu" tile will be made for physical version.  The last picture is of train with all expansions.

I was very excited to see the introduction of a new holiday train for The Winter Village theme.  I only wished there were more to it. Inspired by this set, I dusted of LDD and got to work on some expansion cars and modifications. I plan on presenting the new cars here as a series, but I will upload modified cars to MOCPages once built. Since I am in the process of ordering parts, the current photos are from LDD and will be replaced/updated once I finish the physical model. Note also I plan to design some type of Winter Village Train logo for the side of the car and will be applied to physical model.

Thank you for looking and I hope you enjoyed the concept.

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