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Ville D’or Fortress: Imperial Trading Port


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The waves dance quietly about your ship, the reflection of the sky and clouds flickering on the undulating surface. You stare at the sea, and its peaceful, perfect beauty, nearly laughing at the stark contrast between the waters, and the sights upon your ship.

Sailors and tarpaulins ran nearly every which way across the narrow decks, some reaching for ropes and belaying pins, and others scampering up the ratlines as they swayed in the gentle wind.

”Sailor!” Your captain calls in a raspy tenor, “Jump to it! Lest you wish to be a prisoner of those pirate dogs!”

You spin around, looking to your captain, then peering into the sea past him. A tall pillar of canvas rose from the sea, each sail slashed with stripes of red and white. Fear struck you as you recognized her to belong to the infamous and dreaded Captain Redbeard.

“Aye aye, sir!” You say climbing feverishly up the ratlines to assist your sweating crew mates in letting another reef from the sails of your ship, hoping that the increased canvas will be enough to outrun the pirate.

As you do so, you see a small speck of white on the horizon, pinned between the sea and sky. You stop your work, pulling out the spyglass stowed in your belt and train it on your discovery.

It was a wall, white as ivory, rising from the crystal sea to stand tall, like a beacon of hope to the sailors who see her. Beside her was a lighthouse, owned and operated by the soldiers of the fort. And atop the walls stood an immense building of white stone, the barracks. Upon a tower, high above the ramparts, was an ensign of blue and white, fluttering gaily in the morning zephyr; it was the flag of the imperial Army.

“Land ho!” You shout in jubilation, as you recognize the structure to be the trading port of Ville D’or Fortress, a mighty (and lucrative) outpost known for its strength and triumphant victories over the fleets of Redbeard. Spinning about, you could see the red and white sails of the pirate’s vessel turning away. The chase was over.

You sigh with relief, knowing that you were saved, once again, by the Fortress of Ville D’or.



Thank you for reading the story I wrote above, I hope it will show you the importance of the imperial forts to both the peaceful merchant sailors, and the theme of LEGO pirates. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Now, moving on…

Ville D’Or Fortress is based upon both real Caribbean forts, and the classic Lego island outposts guarded by the red or blue-coated soldiers!

Perfect for history lovers, nostalgic adults, and adventurous kids, this fortress would make an incredible addition to the Lego Ideas collection!

Like all of my submissions, this model was build by myself, and my two younger brothers. This build would never have gotten as far as it did without their help!!

Thank you for your support and leave a comment below!

—British Soldier Bob

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