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Lego City Aquarium


About This Project:

This is my take on a Lego City aquarium. The aquarium has one large tank with a white shark, a saw fish, a crab, an octopus, and two fish. The center tank has a jellyfish in it. There is a mermaid mascot and a shallow water table with a starfish and clam on it. There is a decorative whale bone. There is a front desk with a clerk, a bench, and a gumball machine. The roof is detachable so that you can get inside and play but, also close it back up as well. The roof is detailed with two air conditioners which have a bar between them to act as a handle to make putting the roof on or off that much easier. Also there is a furnace exhaust and a control panel for the fish tanks. It comes with one customer as well. I built this on a Green base plate 32x32.

Play Features:

  • Front gates open and close.
  • Roof is detachable.
  • Control panel on roof hidden behind doors which can open and close.


  • Three minifigures.
  • A white shark, a saw fish, an octopus, a crab, a clam, a starfish, and two fish.
  • Minfigure accessories are a dollar bill and a letter.

This project has been an excellent addition to me and my daughter's Lego City and I think it would be a great addition to anyone's city. So please support and share thank you.

Thank you for your support.

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