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Eco9er Classic Space


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First Contact:

An alien mothership was detected by OPS-command center in Epsilon Eridani System only seconds before it vanished from the radars. An explosion is most likely. A small vessel, maybe a rescue or an escape pod left the vessel hitting ground on the third planet. Eco9er ComSat is patrolling the area. Its mission: Find the escape pod and look for survivors. Secondary mission: Establish contact.


The Set:

Eco9er (spelling: eco niner) Classic Space like the Blacktron version is about first contact and consists of 3 models: The Eco9er buggy, a ComSat trailer which may be towed to the buggy and a crashed alien escape pod. Furthermore 2 modern Classic Space astronauts and 1 alien.

The approx. amount of bricks are:

Eco9er buggy:       121 bricks

Trailer:                   226 bricks

Alien escape pod:  160 bricks

Total:                    507 bricks

Price tag should therefore be around EUR 50 or USD 50. Actually the buggy and the ComSat would also make a small set, but it would loose on the story without the alien escape pod. No new bricks/colors used!


Eco9er buggy: The detectors can be detached and the hose clipped to the buggy. The detector holders fold towards the inside if no detectors are placed (changing the looks of the buggy). Cockpit opens up and the radar moves up and down.

ComSat: The ComSat trailer is towed to the buggy and may be detached. In the back it opens up, so does the roof. This way you can easily place a minifig. All radar dishes move in all directions in search of that unidentified flying object picked up by ops-command.

Alien escape pod: The escape pod seems to be some kind of artifact or monolith. Suddenly it opens up like a flower to reveal the alien pilot.

Eco9er Idea

There are a total of 3 Eco9er versions reminding different past space themes. The Blacktron version is already online in Lego Ideas. Here you have the Classic Space version. You can check out the Blacktron version here:

Blacktron version

The Eco9er Classic Space model is inspired by the Uranium Search Vehicle. It shall not be a remake of it, but it shall remind of it very gently.

Stay tuned to see the last version of the Eco9er series or check out the video above to see the details of Eco9er Blacktron and Classic Space as well as a preview of the next and last version of Eco9er.

I hope you like and support it. Share and tell your friends as well as spread the word. Maybe you like the Blacktron model more or will you prefer the next one…


By the way If you haven’t seen my other proposal “Lego Pueblo”, check it out and take a look at the updates. You may like it.

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