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Wedding Cake Topper


How do you know she's definitely the one?

When she lets you build your Wedding Cake Topper out of LEGO of course. This is the actual cake topper from my wedding. Our colors were black and white with pink flowers. My wife's only rules when I was building this were that it had to look nice and match our colors.

I know LEGO has wedding favors but I think that a cake topper with customizable Mini-Figures would be a hot seller. I picked figures that I thought best represented my wife and I. I even found a LEGO pin-stripe suit to match my own. LEGO fans, like myself, would love to have LEGO at their weddings.

If you're a lover of LEGO and happiness and you believe in true love, log on and support my cake topper idea.

Special thanks to my wife Amanda for being the best, Caramici's Bakery and Kate Rynaski for making such a beautiful cake.

Please check out my other projects, you might just fall in love with them. All support and follow are appreciated.


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