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LEGO Quadcopter With Working Remote Controlled Propellers!


Get ready to explore the skies with the LEGO Quadcopter!

My submission for LEGO Ideas is a quadcopter built entirely out of LEGO bricks and LEGO power functions. The model features:

     -   714 pieces drawn from a variety of themes
     -   Built-in power functions
            -   A medium motor
            -   An IR receiver
            -   A battery pack
     -   4 simultaneously rotating propellers
     -   Flexible legs for soft landings
     -   A removable upper dome which allows for a peek inside to see the inner workings of the engine

Today, quadcopters are widely used tools for video and photography, package transport and delivery, information gathering, exploration, and general entertainment. 

With a LEGO version, builders will have the opportunity to create their own imaginative stories, perhaps developing new use cases as they do so. And, by going through the process of assembling the set, builders will hopefully gain an appreciation and understanding of how gears and motors work and become inspired to learn more about design and engineering.

The set has gone through several design iterations and is the product of many hours of fun and enjoyment.

To ensure the quadcopter could stand on its own, four sets of legs branch out from the lower dome at varying angles allowing for a flexible base on which to land.

To create a realistic and fluid flight simulation, a single motor located in the central column powers all four propellers simultaneously through a system of interlocking gears. Constructing the model in this way was my biggest design and build challenge, but was also the most rewarding aspect of the process. 

I hope that the set’s sleek presentation, intricate yet not complex inner workings, and large size                    (20in x 20in x 6 in / 51cm x 51cm x 14cm) will appeal to LEGO builders of all ages.

I am a lifelong fan of LEGO, especially the Technic theme. It would be a dream come true to reach 10,000 supporters and have my proposal turn into an actual LEGO set!

Thank you so much for visiting my page and I hope you support my project by voting!

*Model does not actually fly

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