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Mata Nui Rising [Bionicle 20th Anniversary]


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Mission Statement:
20 years ago Bionicle began, and 10 years ago it ended. Over those 10 years a story full of memorable characters and deep lore was told that expanded across a whole universe and beyond. From those many years of multi media story one moment, one revelation, stands out. The awakening of Mata Nui, the Great Spirit Robot, in which the entirety of the story thus far had taken place. The Great Spirit Robot is one of the many memorable icons of Bionicle, and unfortunately it was one of the few that never got represented in an official set. This project is meant to give Bionicle fans A chance to finally own a Great Spirit Robot of their own to celebrate Bionicle's 20th anniversary.

Set Includes:
  • Great Spirit Robot figure 
  • Red Star
  • Mask of Life
  • Mask of Shadows
  • Alternate "Makuta" head (orange eyes)

The Great Spirit robot is a 10 and 1/2 inch figure with 27 points of articulation. The Red Star accessory can be attached as a booster pack to it's back and it's head can be swapped to change from Mata Nui (green eyes) to Makuta. (orange eyes)

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