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The Vintage Service Station


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This creation was made in collaboration with Jan van Laar. (AKA  Besbasdesign) (profile on LEGO Ideas: here).

The Inspiration
"Magic happens outside your comfort zone". For the past 12 months, my MOC designs were centred around iconic vehicles. With this project, I wanted to attempt new unfamiliar territory, One being a MOC building and the other a collaboration with a fellow MOC designer. After pondering over the idea for a while, I came across an art illustration of a vintage service station at one of our local farmer's markets which is the inspiration for this project. I approached Jan a fellow MOC designer who has an amazing talent to design vintage cars in 8 stud wide scale, to collaborate with me on this project by designing all the vehicles, while I could keep my full attention on the design of The Service Station. 

Here is the outcome of my first building submission and first collaboration on LEGO Ideas.  We present to you The Vintage Service Station.

The Idea 
To create Buildings and structures with theme-related minifigures that are built-in scale to accommodate the new 8-stud wide-scale vehicles which are designed to seat your minifigures side by side

The Design
The Vintage Service Station was designed in scale to accommodate the new 8 stud wide vehicles that were introduced by LEGO in early 2020. The building and vehicles were designed with play and display in mind to cater for the interest of both young and old. The Service Station comes with a family sedan, Vintage Hod Rod and Tow truck specifically designed to fit in with the specific time period. The Service Station also has playable features such as a functional built-in Car lift and a Garage door that can open and close with ease.


The Vintage Service Station
Studs: W 49.3 x L 44.0 x H 22.8
Inch: W 15.5 x L 13.9 x H 7.2
cm: W 39.4 x L 35.2 x H 18.2
Total Parts: 2949. 

If you are a fan of vintage vehicles and structures, and you would love LEGO to release a theme that is designed to accommodate 8 stud wide vehicles, please support this project.

Thank you in advance. 

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