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Ferrari 375 F1


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Ferrari 375 F1 - 1:10 Scale

Is proud to show to you the historical Ferrari 375 F1.
Was July 14, 1951 when for the first time Ferrari wins in a Grand Prix Formula 1, at the Circuit of Silverstone.
This car marks the debut of the "Prancing Horse" in the world of Formula 1.

I had never built a car model myself before. And as a first try I chose a car that I love :)
I hope you enjoy it too! :)


- 806 total pieces
- Detailed cockpit
- Working steering  (see pictures)
- Opening hood with engine inside

Size - 1:10 Scale

- Lenght 40 cm
- Width 14.5 cm
- Height 13 cm

Real car size (from Wikipedia)

- Lenght 3937 mm
- Width    1428 mm
- Height 960 mm

I would have liked to add some stickers: 3x Ferrari logo and 2x lateral vents, but unfortunately I'm not good with photo editing or CG. :P

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Thanks again and may the brick be with you ;)

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