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The Easter Chess


Hello everybody !

Me, LegoChessfr, your builder Theme chess, I come to you with a new chess on... Easter!
Not easy represent Easter in a board in LEGO. There are several first representation of Easter is hens, bells, eggs and rabbit. Then there's Easter Island, mysterious with its strange statues. Why talk about this? Simply because I put all these representation in a mixter and I mixed everything to get everything you see in these pictures. The board is in two parts:
-an utility part (see the first images)
-a part for the game (see the last images)

Now, let's talk can game pieces:
-The Pawns are represented in the form of small bells
-The Towers are property also bell-shaped ... much bigger.
-The Riders are represented shaped bunny nice.
-The Fools are made with a chicken in an arcane and an egg ... to show the power of the chicken ...
-The King and Queen did that only differentiated by their height, the color of their hat and cap. So the queen at a small gold and silver cap and the king have a crown and its cap is completely golden. They represented by Moaï (statue on Easter Island)

All parts are on a basis of 4x4 stud by two flat high.

Now the board in numbers:

-2295 pieces
-694 Bricks for the game pieces
-1601 Bricks for the chessboard
-1 Months working

So much for this chessboard Easter!

Thank you for reading and in a few months for a new board!

Your chessboard maker French,


ps: sorry for the spelling / vocabulary because I use Google Translate.

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