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Maelstrom "Pandemonium" Fighter

aloha lego fans! well here it is, as promised. a maelstrom fighter worthy of combat with the great pilots of the Nexus Force and their excellent aircraft designed by yours truly. it's as fast as the Brute and as nimble as the Raven and relies on captured, corrupted technology.

armaments: 4 corruption cannons, 2 frap ray blaster pods, 4 stromitized DMT Mk II's

power plant(s): 2 modified steam-punk rocket engines (replicated from wreckage), 1 pod rocket engine (also from wreckage), 4 drop-ship booster engines (you guessed it, wreckage). the maelstrom can't create anything itself. it can only corrupt or destroy that which has already been created.

please comment. your advice is just as, if not more, helpful than your support.

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