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Glacier Scout (Ice Planet 2002)

Hi Everyone. My name's Bics, and welcome to my first build! I thought it smart to keep it simple while wetting my feet, so I went back to my childhood and remembered my very first Lego set Ever, an Ice Planet Scooter polybag I got out of a Cheerios box of all places. I had no idea the world of creativity I was stepping into back then in the early 90's. I still have that little ship. Spaceships still have a special place in my heart, so here's an homage to that fateful set, a sister set, Glacier Scout. It's 60 pieces, consisting of an Ice Planet minifig and snow bike, plus the standard Ice Planet paraphernalia; where would one be without their ice saw? I stuck mostly to older piece types to keep that retro vibe.

What do you think? I hope it gave you a little chuckle if nothing else. I appreciate you stopping to take a look. If you enjoyed it, feel free to vote for it. Votes are free after all. If, like me, you feel classic space themes could be shown a bit more love, spread the word. This is by no means my final contribution, so expect more spacey goodness.

Happy Building,

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