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The Shortbeard Dwarves Home


Welcome to the home of the Shortbeard Dwarves!

The heavy stone doors in the front are impressive and open inward so that you see inside.

On your left a Dwarven tree bed with places for all four of the brothers.  All along that side there are also pillars that hold torches so that the Dwarves can see what they are doing when working at night.

On your right is a workbench with tools and the essential elements for designing and making axes. All along that wall there are windows that open outwards to provide light during the day.

Straight down the middle of the dirt floor walkway (the Shortbeards didn't much care for wooden flammable flooring) is a big furnace with an opening door and fiery insides just the right size for smelting the iron and gold that they find in the cave that lies beyond the furnace. There is also a torch pillar in the cave.

The set also includes the four Shortbeard Dwarves; Rusty (a mischievous red haired dwarf), Marble (who has a black beard with white streaks), Zinc (the oldest of the brothers with a flowing white beard), and Copper (A rather oddly skinny dwarf).

By Dr. Edge.

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